Customers love the personal touch. They want to be engaged on a different level. XMPie enables you to achieve this. XMPie gets more out of your internal print room. It does so by bringing variable data printing in-house.

Infuse your collaterals with personalised finishes only previously attainable through external print shops. And create, personalise, track and automate marketing across your output.

The end result? A truly holistic brand experience for your users.

How does it work?

RDT is a leading integrator of XMPie. The team will introduce it to your existing print hardware. This will give your devices superpowers.

Wow customers by:

  • Bringing relevancy to your marketing by leveraging variable data to tailor messages for each recipient
  • Expanding your reach with one-to-one marketing campaigns that span print, email, web and mobile
  • Using variable data in images, graphics, and messages to grab and hold your target’s attention
  • Creating campaigns with built-in response tracking tools and adjust messaging, offers and much more on the go
  • Building a web store-front that allows you to offer personalised documents and email campaigns
  • Building a modular and scalable one-to-one software solution with XMPie products to fit your precise needs
  • Maximising your solution with resources like templates from the XMPie Marketplace and user forums in the XMPie Users Group

Key XMPie features include:

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