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our business is no longer confined to the walls of the office. Staff work from home. Many travel the road. Some only come to the office once or twice a week. And, when they do, they bring their own devices.

So, as your business grows, how can you enable all employees to print directly from their phones and their tablets?

Mobile print is the answer

RDT specialises in mobile print solutions. Let’s make your business agile. Let’s do so by giving users access to the same print experience. And regardless of whether they are home workers, mobile workers or workers who bring their own devices.

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Popular mobile print features:


Distributed Workforce

It doesn’t matter where your distributed workforce find themselves. They still need to access multifunction devices in order to print documents or scan them into workflows.


Mobile Print and Apps

Most modern day multifunction printers are mobile-enabled using proprietary technology or are enabled for Apple Print. This allows staff and guests at your facilities to print from their mobile and tablet devices.


Secure Print Collection

Mobile print is the first step to a productive mobile workforce. This also needs to be done securely. Using a range of technologies such as user authentication through pin pads, biometrics and proximity cards, mobile print will be secure.

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