How secure is your educational facility? Are you able to validate and identify what visitors, students and staff are on site? With the InVentry Visitor Management System can you.

InVentry is the most trusted site access and visitor management system available. It is designed specifically for educational clients.

RDT is a specialist in InVentry integration and management. The system enables you to accurately monitor who is in your school at any one time. All information is securely encrypted to a central database.

Need a visitor management system that speeds up the sign-in process? Need a solution that keeps all information secure? One that leaves you feeling confident that your students are safe? Then InVentry is the visitor management solution for you.

InVentry key features:

InVentry Visitor Management System is compatible with most management information systems. It gives you full control over who is entering and leaving your premises.

Each InVentry system comes with the following:

InVentry reception console

Gives your receptionist full access to the visitor and staff database. In a matter of clicks perform a database search, print visitor reports and fully manage the system. Create multiple user accounts with different permission levels for complete control over the protection of data.

20” touch screen monitor with integrated webcam

The touch screen screen is robust. It’s responsive. It gives a modern, professional look to your entrance area. The integrated webcam enables you take instant photos of visitors. Then create both temporary and permanent ID cards.

Thermal label printer

This thermal label printer works in unison with your system. It allows you to print off visitor labels in seconds. Do so with ease. And, as you don’t need to replace expensive ink cartridges, you’ll benefit from additional cost savings.

Encrypted USB backup device

Your facility needs total security. You need peace of mind. That’s why each system comes with a USB backup module. This ensures sensitive information is always safe and protected from data loss or hardware theft.

Full installation service

Certified technicians will install the system. They’ll test and configure to your operational needs. Relevant staff members will be provided with complete training to ensure they are fully equipped to use and manage the system.

Ongoing support

InVentry comes with a wealth of support services. These are delivered both onsite and remotely. All software updates are included along with most new modules as they are released.

InVentry additional features

Your needs are unique. That’s why our team of InVentry specialists will assess them. From here we’ll propose a plan tailored around your requirements.

The standard InVentry system means you will be completely prepared for almost any eventuality. Depending on your specific needs though, we can also introduce a number of additional modules to your service.

InVentry additional features


Barcode scanner for staff and regular visitors

Simply send us a photo of the relevant staff member or visitor. Then we can supply a high-quality plastic ID badge. We’ll ship this direct to your door. The badge will work in conjunction with a barcode scanner. This allows the user to scan in and out with ease. The system can even be programmed to collect additional information such as the purpose of a visit or the reason for leaving.


Multiple entry point systems

It could be that your site has more than one visitor entrance point. In such cases, we’ll supply additional touch screens, label printers and barcode scanners. These will work and synchronise with your central database.


Alternative language packs

For foreign language clients, we can provide all the functionality of our standard visitor management software in the language of your choosing. InVentry even offers a Welsh-English bilingual system. This allows visitors to select either language before the login process begins.

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