How does your business create and manage scanned documents? When information is important enough to be shared or preserved, the process of capturing that information must be done with care.

Enter eCopy. eCopy connects your multifunction devices to your company’s email and networked enterprise applications. This gives you the ability to create, view, edit, convert and collaborate with industry-standard PDF files.

It means you can turn paper documents into an electronic format that integrates into all business applications.


  • Is a low-cost, easy to use system
  • Makes working more productive and processes more effective
  • Reduces courier costs by enabling the sharing of information
  • Delivers robust error prevention, recognition and correction features
  • Enables everyone to work together more efficiently
  • Ensures records are captured, classified and archived correctly
  • Secures your information

How it works?

Your needs are unique. Our document management specialists will assess them. Then we’ll create and implement a custom solution which meets and exceeds your expectations.

Change is always good. Especially when it’s managed. So, to make the transition seamless, we’ll also provide training, support and education to ensure maximum user adoption of your system.

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