How can an organisation with multiple geographical locations manage their printers effectively? How can they consolidate their server and printer environment? And, in doing so, reduce printing costs?

Traditional systems make this tricky. Many organisations choose to invest in multiple local print servers. This creates extra administration. This makes it difficult to manage a distributed fleet. And, should a server become unavailable, printing grinds to a halt.

With Cirrato print server management this needn’t be the case. Why? Because you have only one server. This server manages all your printers including USB connected ones.

When you print, Cirrato manages your printer drivers, printer queues and printing policies. When all is clear, the file is sent directly to the printer with the correct rules and policies applied. After printing, Cirrato collects valuable statistics.

Why RDT?

RDT stands tall as one of the world’s largest Cirrato integrators. We take pride in this. To sustain our reputation, RDT continues to invest in significant in-house skills dedicated to print server management.

Our Cirrato skills therefore remain unrivalled. Our reach is felt around the world. RDT is currently managing Cirrato on every continent.

IT Benefits


Remove print servers

Consolidating print servers reduces administration costs and energy use. This leads to a more flexible and scalable IT infrastructure


Manage print servers

Update drivers anywhere on the network with a few clicks. Then define exactly how and when you want the driver to be used.


Eliminate WAN Traffic

Manage printers with minimal network traffic. Do so even from remote offices. Print-related network traffic is typically reduced a thousandfold. This speeds up both printing and other services.


Support end users

Cirrato has a record of reducing print related support calls by up to 70%. This represents a very big cost saving. And, in turn, frees up valuable resources for other critical business tasks.


Improve redundancy

Cirrato Single Server Printing software means that printing works at all times. This is so even when the Cirrato server cannot be reached. Many Cirrato users perform server maintenance during office hours.


Improve scalability

Cirrato easily scales from a few printer queues to over 30,000. You can add new printers or users, modify individual printer functions, or add/change locations on the fly.

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