Valuable information flows across all rungs of your organisation. Keeping it safe is therefore essential. Yet, with technology moving at such a quick pace, breaches in confidentiality are becoming more commonplace.

This causes catastrophic consequences for businesses small and large. That’s why information security is now a key objective for all organisations.

It is also a key objective for RDT. In streamlining your processes, we’ll assess the complete lifecycle of a document from concept, delivery, storage, to search and retrieval. This will make your business work secure, faster and more efficiently.

In fact, secure systems underpin all we do. So whether we are optimising your document, print, business or telecoms processes, ensuring information security stands centre stage.

Securing information, securing business

In evaluating your processes, we’ll evaluate how secure they are. What are the threats? How can you become compliant? This is how we’ll safeguard your business structures. This is how we’ll ensure only the right people have access to your information.

Safeguard valuable information by:

  • Backing it up and having access to it anywhere, anytime
  • Managing more effectively what information people can and can’t see, what people can and can’t access
  • Defining where and how documents are stored and backed up

Integrating into your existing environment

From Google Enterprise to Microsoft 365 – whatever your environment – RDT security solutions will seamlessly integrate into it. Safeguard your document workflows. Improve information efficiency and accessibility. Streamline costs. And, bolster workplace productivity.

95% of our customers love us because they feel secure

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to safeguarding your information. Security isn't a product, it’s a process. So let’s start right here, right now in tailoring a personalised security solution around your actual needs.

Make me safe

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