Print Server Management

Technology makes managing print servers across one or multiple sites tricky. That’s because IT and print management services have traditionally remained separate entities.

RDT changes this. We bring IT and print server management together. We do this to deliver resource and cost rationalisation. One provider means a whole lot of results for you.

The management of your print servers will depend on your operational needs. It might be that we:

  • Bring efficiencies and management to your existing infrastructure
  • Or, reduce your number of local servers by migrating them off premise to the cloud

Whatever your needs, RDT will streamline the day-to-day management of your print servers, print queues and print drivers.

Serving all of your sites worldwide

With a range of solutions from Ciratto, Equitrac, eCopy and Xangati, our in-house team will adapt them to consolidate your server and printer environment across one or more geographical locations.

This brings predictability and control to your fleet. Hundreds of small, enterprise and public sector organisations worldwide are turning to our global printing standard. This is because:

  • Effective print server management relieves IT from the burden of day-to-day print server management issues
  • Minimising print servers – where suitable – reduces cost and operational complexity
  • Print problems are resolved quickly meaning less business downtime
  • Businesses can focus on core goals rather than print problems

Migrating to RDT print server management

Migrating your entire print fleet can be carried out office by office or globally. The transition will be streamlined. Given that your business is unique, let’s start by auditing your existing systems.

Doing so reveals how your print servers can be configured to maximise output. The team will then implement your custom strategy as part of your managed print service.

Improve the flexibility, scalability, robustness and management of your entire printer infrastructure.

95% of customers say they love us.

That’s because we serve them better business

And you can too. Join the hundreds of businesses like yours who use the RDT print server management solution. And tomorrow you’ll be reaping the rewards of print server rationalisation, increased productivity and financial savings.

Yes, I’m ready to be served print and document optimisation !!

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