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Your business is no longer confined to the walls of the office. Staff work from home. Many travel the road. Some only come to the office once or twice a week. And, when they do, they bring their own devices.

So, as your business grows, how can you enable all employees to print directly from their phones and their tablets?

Mobile print is the answer

The right technology means that, when your people stop by the office, they can scan, print and save documents as they need them.

Simple functionality accessed through mobile devices is a key requirement for small and enterprise businesses. Is the type of solution you offer secure? Will it integrate effectively into our IT infrastructure? The answer on both counts is a resounding, yes.

The benefits are multifold. Give your devices enhanced output to print Powerpoint presentations. Or print to saved locations from your mobile so assigned colleagues can access the information.

With a wide portfolio of mobile print solutions, RDT will design a bespoke system around your operational needs. The end result? Your workers will be able to print what they want, when they want, where they want.

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Workers no longer glued to the desk? Get mobile right now and journey towards greater business agility. Let’s make the trip together.

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