Managed print services: automating documents

7 simple tips to achieving an optimised document workflow

Managed print services, like Captain Kirk, should boldly go where no man has gone before. This means managed print, or MPS, needs to go beyond … well, print.

MPS needs to consider information as your most valuable business asset. Documents, after all, are imprinted with data. From print to digital, they flow across every level of your organisation.

Information is passed to staff. It is passed to customers. The tide of documents continues to ever rise; how they reach their desired destination ever-evolving.

Like a carefully constructed line of dominos flicked over by a curious kid, the knock-on effect is this: businesses are spending too much time and resources managing their documents. This is where managed print services comes in.

Managed print service tips

There are a range of simple managed print service tricks your business can implement to give your documents less ebb and more flow. And, like the Masked Magician unveiling how he made the elephant in the room disappear, we’re going to tell you how to conjure up document control. Check out these 7 tips to document management.

1. Automate document-intensive workflows


Each process in your business is underpinned by the flow of content, data and paper. Awareness of document workflows is at an all-time high. Yet uncertainty persists regarding managing the plethora of documents that need processing.
Dependency on paper-intensive, manual workflows creates pitfalls.

Repetitive tasks such as filing invoices, processing claims and slotting files into the right folders should therefore be automated. Knowledge of these manual workflows means you can automate them as pre-set digital workflows using your multifunction printers.

The road to automation is simple:

  • Set up an App on your MFP
  • Use this App to re-route documents to the folders and repositories your users need

The end result? You’ve just transformed manual processes into a quick, one-step job.

Here’s 6 more ways to achieve an optimised document workflow

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