Managed Print Rooms

How do you produce customer-facing collaterals such as booklets and flyers? Do you print in-house? Or do you outsource? Many enterprises and corporate organisations choose to engage external printers. Among their reasons for this? A belief that high end collaterals can only be produced by the experts.

This isn’t the case. A managed print room means you’ll become the experts. The value of printing in-house always depends on your specific needs. Outsourcing remains the right option for many.

So we’ll assess your needs and propose what’s right for you. From here, we can manage your existing print room or build a new one from the ground up.

Bring print in-house. Respond to your print needs in real-time. Control print runs, quantities, quality, turnaround times and costs.

In-house print, in-house growth

Keeping print in-house means you’ll never have to send work away again. It means you’ll meet front and back office needs in real-time. Simply send jobs to your centralised print location. This way you:

  • Won’t incur the cost, time and rigidity of using external printers
  • Will ensure consistency of quality, brand and messaging across your output
  • Can produce professional materials as and when you want, 24 hours a day
  • Will become responsive to real-time business needs
  • Can deliver relevant and meaningful content to the end user at the click of a button

How does it work?

We’ll start by getting to know you. This is the only way we can maximise your output and bring control. What are your print needs? What are your output levels in the front office? What are they in the back? Who are your customers? Do collaterals need to be personalised to them?

With insights gathered, we’ll configure a hardware, software and application solution to meet and exceed your expectations. From here, the team will proactively manage your devices, providing ongoing solutions to ensure you maximise the potential of your corporate print room.

95% of customers love us because we make their in-house print work

Ready to bring print back in-house? Ready to create high end documentation efficiency, on cost and on time? Great! Making your print work starts right here, right now.

Yes, I want to print what I want, when I want

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