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Your business is alive with data and information. Content is in its DNA. It runs across your print and digital network. Processes underpin each piece of content you produce. Administration, resources and costs following in its path.

Content management defines how to best automate, access, use, manage and share printed and digital content. This is how RDT will transform your business.

Let’s streamline your document workflows. Let’s do so by managing the information and its journey through your organisation. Let’s automate things across all your workflows from invoices, dispatch notices to payrolls.

Take a paper invoice. Scan and upload into a digital format on your network. Then process into your workflow and software systems such as Sage.

Automation equals optimisation.

How it does it work?

Your business processes and needs are unique. That’s why we’ll start by assessing your environment. Then we’ll design and implement your custom solution. A typical content management system may support features such as:

  • Import and creation of documents and multimedia material
  • Identification of all key users and their roles
  • The ability to assign roles and responsibilities to different instances of content categories or types
  • Definition of workflow tasks coupled with messaging so that content managers are alerted to changes in content
  • The ability to track and manage multiple versions of a single instance of content
  • The ability to publish the content to a repository to support access
  • The ability to personalise content based on a set of rules

Get that content feeling

Content management services enable you to expand your business, increase revenue, extend hours of operation and improve your customer offering.

Automate your document workflows. Reduce administration and costs. Stay focused on the real business.

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