Business Controls

We live in a security conscious age. One where threats are unacceptable. One where compliance is a must. Each printed and digital document you create contains data. This data is critical to you, your partners and clientele.

Yet, despite best intentions, sensitive documents are often left in the printer tray. Equally, digital documents can be met by unauthorised eyes.

The answer is to control your information flow. RDT will help you achieve this. We’ll assess your print and document environment then tailor a custom business control solution. The end result? Your printed and digital documents will always fall into the right hands, not the wrong ones.

Business controls for print

Print remains critical to business. It also throws up a number of control challenges. Take the scenario where confidential information is left atop the office printer.

Business controls safeguard you and your customers from such security risks. How? By integrating software into your network. A customised solution controls the flow and timing of your documents.

Business controls might include:

  • Department codes so you can closely monitor printing outputs and costs
  • Tracking departments and staff activity
  • Deciding who can print what
  • Swipe cards to access the building that are also used to access print devices

Business controls mean confidential documents will no longer be left in the output tray for all eyes to see or hands to take.

Business controls for digital

Digitising paper intensive tasks is a great way to optimise your workflow. RDT will streamline your document systems. And, in doing so, we’ll introduce the right business controls to keep you safe.

This means assessing your environment. It means following the lifecycle of a document from creation, to storage, scanning and retrieval. Where will it be stored? Who can access it? Who can edit it?

RDT brings control to business by bringing control to document workflows.

95% of customers love us

because we bring control to their business

Nobody wants to be a control freak. But who wants to freak out about security? Take your first step right here, right now towards bringing control to your print and document workflows.

Yes, I’m ready to take control!!

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