What Makes RDT Different?

RDTelecoms is more than a mere phone line system. It is a complete communications system. It refines the way businesses communicate.

Centralise all your communications into a secure online portal. Personalise the way staff communicate with customers. Configure your internal call systems.

RDTelecoms couples in-house skills with the best vendors on the market. It’s this mix of skill, software and hardware that connects your business with cost savings and improved productivity.

And, as your needs are unique, we’ll tailor your communications package around them.

What makes RDTelecoms different?

95% of our customers love us.

That’s because their phone systems are off the hook!

Ready to ring up better business? Great. The first step towards streamlining your telecoms starts right here, today. And tomorrow you’ll be reaping the rewards of increased productivity and financial savings.

Yes, I’m ready to connect my business!!

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