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Sales and marketing go hand in hand. A combination of the two keeps you ahead in today’s competitive market. Great marketing, after all, opens the doors to great sales.

Ensuring a constant flow of new business is essential to every organisation. Yet, standing out from the crowd is tricky. Building an in-house sales and marketing team requires copious amounts of time, energy and investment.

Business process outsourcing with RDT changes this

Think of us as your very own sales and marketing department with none of the associated cost. Your dedicated employees excel in the areas of telesales, lead generation, strategic marketing, PR, printing, photography, graphic, web and content design.

They deliver sales and marketing at a fraction of the cost. Connect emotionally with your customers through iconic, disruptive brand building designs. Then follow up the leads with expert sales campaigns.

This is what your outsource team will bring to your business. We are a creative bunch of strategists, marketers and sales experts. We specialise in helping business achieve and exceed their goals.

Unique concepts forged around your marketing strategy will set you apart from the crowd, promote brand messages and create conversations with customers.

How does it work?

What marketing will help your customers? Where should it be displayed? How should it be followed up with sales? Your outsource team will plan campaigns from concept, implementation through to sales.

Let’s understand your business goals. Then understand those of your customers. The outcome? Targeted sales and marketing campaigns that make customers and prospects say, “wow”.

Inspire your audience with inspired marketing campaigns

Your dedicated sales and marketing employees are standing by to help. They are highly skilled, educated and creative. They work on-demand. They are available around the clock. Let’s get busy.

Yes! I'm ready to process better business!!

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