HR and Recruitment

Human resources and recruitment are key to your business. A multitude of processes underpins these tasks. Managing them in-house draws attention away from the real business. You want to be doing what you do best, right?

With business process outsourcing from RDT you can. Transfer HR and recruitment processes to your trusted third party.

The end result? Fuel your organisation with next level competitiveness. And do so without the expense or commitment of hiring new staff in-house.

HR outsourcing

RDT will assign dedicated HR experts to you. They are highly skilled. They work on-demand. They are available around the clock.

Whilst you focus on business, your HR team will integrate innovative processes. Streamline data processing in a range of key areas including contracts for new employees, holidays and sickness management.

Your dedicated HR employees can work on long or short-term 30 day contracts. The choice is yours. They can even interview your own staff to make sure you are getting the best fit for your business.

Recruitment outsourcing

You can transfer all or part of your recruitment processes to RDT. Either way, your dedicated recruitment team will deliver engaged, performance-ready employees for your consideration. Streamline pre-interview processes. Ensure prospect employees meet requirements. Empower better business results. Cut costs.

95% of customers say they love us.

That’s because we help them process better business

And you can too. RDT’s HR and recruitment experts are standing by to help. They are highly skilled and educated. They work on-demand. And are available around the clock. Let’s get busy.

Yes, I’m ready to optimise my business processes!!

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