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Accounts payable. Accounts receivable. Payrolls. Book keeping. Credit control. Every organisation needs to take account of their finances. Doing so requires expert management. It requires regulatory compliance. It requires significant in-house investment.

RDT changes this. Our business process outsource team can operate some or all of your finance functions. They do so at a lower cost. They do so more effectively. They are trained in Sage and all leading account software. They’ll securely streamline your financial systems.

Why outsource your financial services?

To outsource or not to outsource? That is the question. Many businesses like yours choose to do so as it enables them to:

  • Focus on core business activities instead of financial processes
  • Grow their company without directly investing in new staff
  • Enhance financial processes with highly skilled insights and management from their dedicated financial employees
  • Forgo the need to invest in additional office space, desks, computers, equipment and financial software
  • Budget for the year ahead as clear costings are assigned to the outsourced function
  • Improve financial compliance
  • Optimise cash flow and free up spending to plough into other core growth areas

Business process outsourcing with RDT is flexible to your needs. We’ll assess them and recommend what is right for you. Outsource one or multiple processes to your trusted third party provider. The choice is always yours.

95% of customers say they love us.

That’s because we help them take account of their finances

And you can too. RDT’s financial experts are standing by to help. They are highly skilled and educated. They work on-demand. And are available around the clock. Let’s get busy.

Yes, I’m ready to optimise my financial functions!!

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