InVentry visitor management system for sixth form colleges


The transition from school to sixth form college is a rite of passage. On the journey, many students embrace casual clothing as a means to express individuality. For the education organisation itself though, it can ratchet up security concerns.

With sixth-formers dressed non-uniformly, it becomes even harder to identify where they are once they’ve signed in for the day. Let’s face it: large sixth forms are populated with crowds of pupils and staff members.

RDT’s InVentry Visitor Management System enables you to validate and identify who is in your college at any one time. It safeguards staff, visitors and guests. The system brings sixth form colleges in line with the rigours of local and national authorities.

This is key. After all, sixth-formers often have greater freedom than those in lower years and may therefore be entering and exiting school premises more frequently.

Ready to achieve the right security results?

RDT is the UK’s leading specialist in InVentry integration and management. To help graduate your sixth form facility to A-grade security status, we’re standing by to give you more information.

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