Hi again. As we were saying, hosted phones systems are on the rise. With the multitude of business benefits over traditional hardware, this is hardly a surprise.

But the head scratching starts when trying to pick up the system that gives your business the competitive advantage it demands.

Your free buyers eGuide gives all the insights and tools you need to make an informed decision.

Fuel your thinking with ten things to consider when choosing a new phone system:

  1. Is a hosted phone system reliable?
  2. How much hardware is required?
  3. How many accounts are involved?
  4. How is a hosted account managed?
  5. Is a hosted system customisable
  6. Are allocated member portable
  7. Are there geographical restrictions?
  8. How much does a system cost?
  9. What does a hosted phone system consist of?
  10. What if my company’s circumstances change?

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The RDTelecom eGuide gives you all the tools you need to harness the full potential of a hosted phone system that is right for your business.