Business telecoms: keep it in-house, or outsource it? Communication is key to any business. And telecoms is key communication.

Outsourcing business telecoms brings control to your organisation. It brings reliability in terms of systems and costs. RDTelecoms will optimise and manage core capabilities such as network building and maintenance.

This means you can communicate how and when you want. It means you can lower call costs. It means you can focus on business rather than managing telecoms processes.

This is becuase RDTelecoms is more than a phone line system. It is a complete communications system. It refines the way businesses communicate.

Centralise all your communications into a secure online portal. Personalise the way staff communicate with customers. Configure your internal call systems.

RDTelecoms couples in-house skills with the best vendors on the market. It’s this mix of skill, software and hardware that connects your business with cost savings and improved productivity.

And, as your needs are unique, we’ll tailor your communications package around them.

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