RDT monitors, manages and optimises print and document output environments. We do this regardless of printer and device brand.

The outcome is always the same. Brand doesn’t change this. We streamline print and document processes. We do this by reconfiguring your existing system. This might involve managing all your existing hardware and software brands.

Your business needs are unique. So your print and document management service will be customised to you. In rationalising your existing fleet, it might be that greater gains can be achieved by introducing leading-edge hardware and software from our partners such as Xerox.

Let’s assess your systems. Identify opportunities. And enhance your business through a range of tools. These include business intelligence software. Production solutions. Scanning and document retrieval tools. Document storage and sharing. Mobile. Asset management. App development.

Whatever your needs. Whatever your brand. RDT has all the tools in its box to maximise your print and document systems.

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