Thinking about outsourcing your business telecoms systems? Great. The benefits are multifold for organisations of all sizes.

RDTelecoms is the complete communication system. It brings all your communications together into one easy-to-use online portal.

Cut costs. Reduce the number of lines your business uses. Automate call transfers. Access individual mail boxes. Monitor outbound chats. Enjoy free internal calls. Branch together multiple sites. Enable staff to work on-the-go.

The system we propose will depend on your needs. Here’s some of the ways we are helping businesses like yours right now:

Easy to control features

Take control of your phone systems with RDTelecoms, your complete communications service. It features an extensive range of call handling and management features, all operated by way of an easy-to-use web interface.

An on-demand service with no hidden costs

RDTelecoms is hosted on your behalf. This means that you only pay for what you need on a simple per-seat basis. As you’re not purchasing a PBX, you won’t have to make any major hardware investment or financing.

Lower call costs

RDTelecoms delivers all the cost benefits of IP telephony. It also includes free site-to-site calls and cheaper call rates. And, for customers who use RDTelecoms combined with our mobile services, benefit from free calls between your fixed and mobile devices.

Simplify things with one number anywhere

RDTelecoms brings your fixed and mobile capabilities together into one space. This means you’ll never miss a call. Callers only need to dial one number to reach your desk phone and mobile phone simultaneously.

And ongoing calls can be moved seamlessly from one device to another without hanging up. To rationalise things further, access a single voicemail box from any device.

Get flexible working

With staff increasingly working from home and on-the-go, RDTelecoms infuses your operations with next generation levels of efficiency.

Create flexible work environments through hot-desking, home working and extending the service to mobile devices.

Pick a number, any number

Want to retain or choose your new number? With RDTelecoms, the choice is yours. Keep existing numbers or get new ones. Push your business out into new areas by using any local area number. It doesn’t matter where you are located. Have a London number in Sheffield.

A business continuity solution

Events such as snow, floods, strikes or utility roadworks strike at the least expected of times. RDTelecoms ensures your business experiences zero disruption. How? Because the service resides in the safety of the cloud. Business continuity means, whatever the circumstances, your organisation can carry on making and taking calls.

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