Problematic phone systems can disconnect your employees from managing their calls. Outsourcing your business telecoms means this needn’t be the case.

RDTelecoms is the complete communication system. It brings all your communications together into one easy-to-use online portal.

Cut costs. Reduce the number of lines your business uses. Automate call transfers. Access individual mail boxes. Monitor outbound chats. Enjoy free internal calls. Branch together multiple sites. Enable staff to work on-the-go.

And, as your business grows, your communications systems grow with you. With hundreds of add-ons and features, RDTelecoms enables employees to handle calls effectively, maximising your productivity in the process.

How it works is simple:

Simplified web interface

RDTelecoms features an extensive range of call handling features. These are accessible via the web. Log into the dashboard to view information including your call history, voicemail and recorded calls. And, whilst you’re at it, make personalised changes to the system to ensure your calls are handled effectively.

The administrator interface

RDTelecoms simplifies things for office managers with a powerful administrative management capability. Likewise, the system enables employees to control calls quickly and effectively. Set up is quick and easy. The administrator can decide whether to retain control of a user’s features or pass down control to them.

This call may be recorded

RDTelecoms can be set to record some calls, all calls or record calls on demand. Tracking inbound or outbound calls is key to compliance, customer service and audit purposes. Access, store and retrieve the files from your secure online dashboard.

Go auto pilot

RDTelecoms enables you to provide callers with call routing options to reach the area of your business they are after. Also generate automated out-of-office announcements to inform callers of details such as opening hours and contact details.

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