Why choose RDT

There are a number of managed providers on the market. Picking the right one is therefore crucial to your business. The RDT value proposition differs from others. You’ll get an holistic service offering. One which cuts across all aspects of your operations from document management, business processes, telecommunications to imaging technology.

And your service offering is always tailored to your actual needs. This is how you’ll get sustained results. A return on your investment is secured by way of a measurable 3 step process.

Why choose RDT?


Step 1: Research

RDT has already put in years of groundwork. You simply take advantage of that …


Step 2: Develop

Bringing best of breed technology together with solutions designed to help you process better business …


Step 3: Transform

You’ll be free to focus on growing your own business rather than investing time, skills and resources into areas which are not giving you a direct return on investment …

95% of customers tell us they love us.

That’s because they process better business

And you can too. The first step in your process starts right here, right now. Join our customers today and tomorrow you’ll be reaping the rewards of increased productivity and financial savings.

Yes, I’m ready to process better business!!

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