Valuable information flows across all rungs of your organisation. Keeping it safe is therefore essential. With technology moving at such a quick pace, business leaders in your sector are placing security centre stage:

  • 73% of businesses say print and device security is highly important
  • 79% want secure document cloud storage and access
  • 68% are concerned about devices and document workflow security
  • 20% of IT professionals pinpoint mobile printing as a top 3 pain point for document security
  • Many cloud printing users are hesitant to use it for fear of a security breach

Security tip! The information bank

In streamlining your processes, assess the complete lifecycle of a document from concept, delivery, storage, to search and retrieval. This will make your business work secure, faster and more efficiently.

Ask yourself:

  • Do assigned workers have secure access to specific documents anywhere, anytime?
  • How you back it up your documents?
  • Can you effectively manage the information that people can and can’t see?

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