How to centralise your printer fleet

The challenge: Driving down print costs is akin to a game of hide and seek. Identifying where savings can be made means first pulling them from the shadows. Doing so can be a bit of a head-scratcher. This is because many businesses have multiple sites. Many have been through levels of acquisition. And many have inherited legacy equipment.

As a result, office sites become populated with different devices. These, in turn, are presided over by different suppliers. This generates:

  • Conflicting device management techniques deployed across the branches
  • Business inefficiencies and cost increases

The solution: Each of your sites should be managed individually. Strategies should be devices and implement based on each location’s unique needs.

Move away from taking a contingency view across everything. Your printer fleet needs to be tailored to specific sites, departments and employees. This generates:

  • Cost reductions
  • Productivity increases
  • Business efficiencies

Business tip: serving up print management

Print server management brings tasty efficiencies to businesses with multiple sites. How does it work? Solutions such as Cirrato, Equitrac, eCopy and Xangati can be adapted to your infrastructure. Doing so consolidates your server and printer environment across one or more geographical locations.

  • Effective print server management relieves IT from the burden of day-to-day print server management issues
  • Minimising print servers – where suitable – reduces cost and operational complexity
  • Print problems are resolved quickly meaning less business downtime
  • Businesses can focus on core goals rather than print problems

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