centralised printer fleet
Print remains one of the biggest uncontrolled costs for business owners. Rather than enhancing your enterprise, it often hinders it.

The solution? Printer fleet management. Supplying your chain with printer fleet centralisation enables your business to:

  • Reduce and standardise your devices
  • Drive down hidden costs
  • Identify and solve problems before they occur

The challenge checklist:

  • Talking to different suppliers consumes time and resource
  • Multiple manufacturer branded products trigger operational and costs challenges
  • Some devices are on a managed services contract, others are not
  • Different suppliers mean varied terms and length of contract periods
  • High volumes of toners filling up cupboards and tying up money. When printers get discontinued, your stock becomes redundant

The solution checklist:

One supplier for your print systems equals multiple benefits:

  • Rationalise admin, contracts, costs, products and maintenance into one supplier
  • Standardising multi-branded products such as Xerox, HP, Samsung and Lexmark slashes admin and costs
  • Bring all devices, regardless of brand, under one contract
  • One contract means terms and periods are negotiated in one go
  • Device rationalisation, non-OEM cartridges and auto-toner replenishment trigger reductions in supply and storage spend

The outcome: a centralised managed printer fleet solution

A centralised solution enables your business to access all devices through one portal. Critical insights into what your machines are up to are then available. Track volumes. Track usage. Generate transparency. This:

  • Informs business decision making
  • Gives you better control
  • Fuels business productivity
  • Enables 50% printer fleet cost reductions
  • Frees IT teams to focus on business critical tasks

Business tip: branching out

Do you have multiple branches in or outside the UK? Okay. In this case, look to engage a supplier who offers a scalable solution. This way all devices, regardless of geographical location, can be brought under one contract.

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