Your mobile phone does it all. From calls, texting, shopping, social media to turning on the heating at home, smartphones are making everyday life smarter.

What about everyday business life, though? How can you achieve a smarter work environment when it comes to printing? Mobile print is key to workplace agility. After all, workers no longer simply work from the office. They work from home. They work on the road. They work on-the-go.

That’s why increasing numbers of businesses are embracing mobile print services as a means to ensure and extend worker agility.

Mobile printing services

As managed print and document management specialists, it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about enhancing the print mobility of organisations. A managed print strategy, after all, breaks down the traditional walls of the office in order to foster greater agility and increased control of accessibility, security, governance and operational savings.

If you’re thinking about mobile printing services, it’s likely you’re asking:

  • Where to start?
  • What to do?
  • How to make it sustainable?

Like a detective who’s drank too much coffee, your business is faced with a multitude of questions. Don’t be overwhelmed, though.

When it comes to mobile printing services, the best place to start is by getting a deep understanding of the needs of your office and mobile workers. This knowledge powers the creation and implementation of a print management strategy to optimise their productivity.

Mobile printing fuels workforce agility by:

  • Making printing from mobile devices as easy as sending an email
  • Enabling fast and easy printing to any Xerox or non-Xerox network printer
  • Generating greater operating savings through increased management of mobile workers’ print spend
  • Reducing IT costs by providing the mobile workforce with automated tools and capabilities

Truly agile employees enable companies to innovate and respond in real-time to clients’ needs.

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