Ghost in office cctv - real deal?

In business, Halloween isn’t the only scary day of the year. From the office gossip, the boss’s pet, the joker to the slacker, the personality pile-up can form into a monstrous beast.

Then there’s the late nights. Those evenings where you find yourself the last to leave the office. An unfamiliar silence brings a sense of foreboding. Clicking send-to-print on a document you need for tomorrow’s presentation, the multifunction printer jumps to life … and so do you.

Out of the corner of your eye, the chair moves. “No, it couldn’t,” you say aloud, a quaking chuckle designed to trick the fear searing through your subconscious. It moves … again …

Check out this video which purports to show one such being of the night.

Here’s our question, though: is the office ghost fake or real? You be the judge …