Print still a trusted resource in the digital world

Print still packs a punch when it comes to capturing the imaginations of consumers around the world, according to a survey commissioned by paper and print advocacy group Two Sides.

The survey of over 10,700 consumers, Print and Paper in a Digital World, which was carried out by leading research company Toluna, concludes that consumers trust, enjoy and gain a deeper understanding of information read in print.

Against this backdrop, signs of fatigue, security and privacy concerns were setting in when it comes to digital collaterals. Buyers, according to the survey, are less likely to take in digital messaging.

“Selling print can be tough at the moment because companies are looking at their budgets and worrying about cost,” said Two Sides managing director, Martyn Eustace.

The survey pulled from representative in ten countries: Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

In the UK, 78% of respondents preferred printed magazines to digital versions, while 75% of those surveyed in Germany preferred printed newspapers. Mr Eustace said the results “clearly showed” that print delivers a “better return on investment” for businesses.

“A well-deployed piece of print will really sink in with a consumer while they set up online ad blockers and other software to shut off extraneous digital content.

“Printers and print specialists should read up on the trends we have detected and learn themselves to trust in print as the consumers do. We hope this enables them to speak with confidence to customers about how print can often be the best thing for a brand.”

Key findings from the report include:

  • Reading habits: 63% read addressed advertising mail at least once a week
  • Trusted news: 71% believe reading news in a printed newspaper provides a deep understanding of the story
  • Digital overload: 73% believe reading a printed magazine is more enjoyable than reading a magazine on an electronic device
  • Advertising preferences: 54% are more likely to take action after seeing an ad in a printed newspaper or magazine than if they saw the same ad online
  • The drive to digital: 83% believe they should not be charged more for choosing paper bills or statements

More about About Two Sides

Two Sides is a global initiative by companies from the graphic communications industry including forestry, pulp, paper, inks and chemicals, pre-press, press, finishing, publishing, printing, envelopes and postal operators.

Two Sides’ common goal is to promote the sustainability of the graphic communications industry and dispel common environmental misconceptions by providing users with verifiable information on why print and paper is an attractive, practical and sustainable communications medium.

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