5 wacky gift ideas for your colleagues

The workplace isn’t immune to the trappings of special occasions. From birthdays, promotions to seasonal festivities, giving gifts to office colleagues is a part of working life.

Knowing what to buy Doris from HR or Bill from IT can lead to sleepless nights. Chocolates? Wine? Vouchers? Sometimes you need to think outside of the box, particularly for those co-workers imbued with more wacky personalities.

Here’s 5 gift idea suggestions we think any employee would enjoy receiving.

1.The ‘make me a tea’ bell

In every office, there’s that one employee who drinks 10 cups of coffee a day. So what better gift to give them than this novelty desk bell. Just make sure your office desk isn’t nearby.

5 wacky gift ideas for your colleagues

2. The vacuum

Nobody wants to work on a desk that’s covered in sandwich and biscuit crumbs. They clog up the keyboard and get stuck to your sleeves. Therefore, what better gift to give that messy co-worker than a mini Henry vacuum cleaner.

5 wacky gift ideas for your colleagues

3. The ‘I love spreadsheets’ cup

Some people love computer games, others love furniture … then there’s those special types of people who love numbers and spreadsheets. Make their birthday or Christmas the best ever by giving them this novelty ‘I heart spreadsheets’ mug.

5 wacky gift ideas for your colleagues


4. The puzzle you’ll never complete

Graphic designers love to talk about design. “Look at those lines,” they say, a know-it-all nod only further fuelling your indignation. What better way to keep them quiet than for them to complete a 500 piece gradient puzzle. If this doesn’t keep them occupied … nothing will!

5 wacky gift ideas for your colleagues


5. Xerox VersaLink B7030 Multifunction Printer

Finally, we all know a printer fiend who runs off 100 documents at once. They hog the machine, eating up all the toner and paper in the process. So what better present to give them than their very own Xerox VersaLink B7030 Multifunction Printer? Set up user controls and they’ll start respecting the machine.

5 wacky gift ideas for your colleagues