5 ads that prove print isn't dead

The peddlers of death have prophesied the demise of print. With each passing generation do the claims increase in certainty. Yet, here we are in 2017, and print remains an active part of the marketing communications mix.

Claims of mass extinction, of course, are nothing new. In fact, we’ve heard them all before.

Like a pair of gloves, print and digital go hand in hand – each enhancing the experience of the other. Forward-thinking businesses are indeed adopting a dual approach to marketing, using print and digital media to lure the attentions of customers and prospects.

Offline marketing is tangible. Like a baby, you can hold it. It is as real as it gets. Print advertising grabs people’s attentions in ways images on a computer screen can’t. Successful companies create exciting user journeys, leading prospects from printwork, to website, to point of contact.

Here’s 5 print ads that we love:

1. Kinder Egg

Print vs digital: 83% of people state a preference for reading print on paper

5 ads that prove print isn't dead

2. Gillette and Pringles

Print vs digital: The UK is the 5th largest producer of #printed products

Gillette and Pringles. Clean shave


3. Star Wars and Durex

Print vs digital: 57% of people say print magazines inspire them to go online after reading

5 ads that prove print isn't dead

4. Pantene

Print vs digital: 84% can use data better when they read print on paper

5 ads that prove print isn't dead

5. KitKat and Sony Playstation

Print vs digital: 81% have bought an item or visited a place after reading about it in a magazine

KitKat and Playstation.