Docuware: document management software review

DocuWare: document management software review. The digital transformation is upon us. Within the walls of businesses all around the world, paper processes are turning to pixels.

How? By digitising, automating and transforming your key processes. DocuWare delivers smart digital workflow and document management capabilities that clear the path for organisations like yours to set a new pace for worker productivity and business performance.

Your organisation creates a flow of documents. Pinned to each of these are a multitude of processes. DocuWare automates business processes and workflows. It does so by electronically managing and sharing documents regardless of their format or source.

DocuWare is a powerful integration tool. It is one of the solutions used by our in-house specialists to embed best document management practices into your workflows. Documents will become available when and where needed. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the office, on the road or at home.

Streamline your document workflows with:

  • One search to find all documents regardless of their format or source
  • Task lists, email notifications and reminders to drive processes forward
  • Secure, tracked and logged access to ensure everyone stays up-to-date regardless of location
  • Reduced paper handling and administration expenses
  • Easy to maintain records retention schedules
  • Increased business processes and productivity

Document management tip: how DocuWare works

Your needs are unique. Our document management specialists will assess them. Then we’ll create and implement a custom solution which meets and exceeds your expectations. The end result? Transparent workflows with secure, controlled and logged access.

Change is always good. Especially when it’s managed. So, to make the transition seamless, we’ll also provide training, support and education to ensure maximum user adoption of your system.
Filing for email: In the business world, email reigns supreme. In fact, it is well on its way to replacing letters and faxes. DocuWare provides a professional and systematic filing method for handling electronic correspondence.

  • Records management: DocuWare is integrated with security mechanisms for internal control. These tools also meet audit requirements. As such, you can protect documents from importation through long-term archiving on read-only media and storage systems.
  • DocuWare for project teams: DocuWare stores all of your documents in one central document pool. Employees can access materials around the clock. They can do so in seconds from anywhere around the world. And they can do so regardless of data source or file format. Transform your business with accessibility. Open your business to working on the go and collaboration.
  • Workflow with DocuWare: DocuWare speeds up workflow processes. DocuWare reduces mistakes. It means employees in a process chain can use electronic workflows to access all the documents they need. Workflows are easy to set up using the document management program’s stamp feature.
  • Remote locations and mobile users: With DocuWare, workers can access file cabinets and documents in the online central document pool. They can do so from anywhere in the world. And they can do so with full functionality.

DocuWare cloud document management

Float your documents securely into the cloud. Store, search, display, download, edit and integrate documents into your business processes over the internet. And do so without any software installation on your local computer. Securely access your information anywhere at any time around the world.

DocuWare on-premise document management

Meet the modern document management system for professional enterprise content management. We’ll tailor the software to your work processes and company requirements. Then we’ll install the on-premise solution on your servers.

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The first step towards documenting better business starts right here, today. And tomorrow you’ll be reaping the rewards of increased productivity and financial savings.

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