Bargain brand toner costs you way more in the long run

Keeping your office printers topped up with toner can cost a fair penny. That’s why many office managers ring-fence printer toner costs as one area of saving. As such, they stop buying original equipment manufacturer and/or high quality toner. In theory, replacing them with bargain-brand supplies is simple mathematics.

After all, printer ink is 4,000 times more expensive than a litre of crude oil or, the same price as 68 bottles of premium whisky.

Whilst the immediate savings might be apparent though, reality is that over time cheap toner will leave an even larger blot on your bottom line.

The false economy of bargain-brand toner

Installing bargain-brand toner in your office printers can generate a trifecta of problems:

  1. Quality: Using bargain toner will quickly degrade the quality of your documents which, in turn, degrades the image of your business.
  2. Cartridge leaks: Low quality toner cartridges are more prone to leaking which can cause printer jams or even break the device. You wouldn’t fill up your car with eggnog instead of petrol or diesel, would you?
  3. Productivity: When the printer goes down, so does worker productivity.

Business tip: Managed print services

Managed print services is a great way to manage your device fleet and consumables. MPS proactively identifies and solves potential printing problems, replenishing supplies before employees are affected.

More about print and document management services

So let’s take stock

When the dust settles, cheap toner causes more problems than it initially promises to resolve. Monetary costs increase. Printer problems spiral out of control. Productivity goes down quicker than the Titanic.

RDT deploys managed print services around the world, to businesses of all types and size. Let’s start with cost-saving device optimisation. Then extend your managed print capabilities to drive innovation and automation for better document security, productivity and sustainability.

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