Xerox voice search recognition: it speaks your business’s language

Siri, Alexa, Google: voice recognition is a part of everyday life. It guides us. Talks to us. Responsive technology helps us. Nowadays, there’s as much tip tap on your device as there is chit chat.

So it is that Xerox is speaking up for the business masses. How? By bringing voice recognition enabled print and copy solutions to its office-based multifunction devices. The technological breakthrough comes by way of a collaboration with Amazon’s Echo, Alexa – an intelligent personal assistant, to help businesses run more efficiently.

Amazon Alexa controls several smart devices via voice recognition including Xerox’s ConnectKey panel interface where you can command Alexa to perform a range of tasks hands-free:

  • Make copies
  • Submit service/support calls and emails to Xerox customer service team
  • Keep on top of your ink levels and paper supplies by asking Alexa
  • Order new supplies from Xerox
  • Troubleshooting
  • Scan and email attachments to recipients
  • Scan documents and upload to Dropbox

This technology not only saves precious business time, but is an invaluable help to employees with learning/physical disabilities, blindness and poor motor skills.

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