5 ways Xerox smart printers save smart people’s time

Technology should help your business not hinder it, right? Sure it should. Technology needs to be responsive to your actual daily business needs, helping you and your team work smarter.

Xerox smart printers have been designed to this exact ethos. They are made by industry, for industry. Smart printers work tirelessly behind the scenes to help you achieve next-level productivity.

The days of printer frustrations have gone. Xerox smart printers aren’t just printers: they’re intelligent workplace assistants that keep the business running. Think of them as a new member of staff.

Here are 5 ways Xerox smart printers will save your business time and money:

1. Xerox ConnectKey Apps

Xerox ConnectKey apps enable a truly personalised experience by using apps on your tablet or mobile phone. The interactive experience is akin to the simplicity of using a home-based device. After all, whether you’re checking the weather forecast, booking reservations or online shopping, apps make it simple to get the job done.

Thanks to Xerox ConnectKey apps, the same can now be said for your office printers and multifunction devices. Downloading apps to a ConnectKey-enabled printer or MFP makes your work-life easier. At the touch of a button:

  • Scan to a cloud-based repository
  • Translate and print documents

Whatever task you need to get done, Xerox ConnectKey has an app for it.

2. Maximising your printing

Ordinary tasks such as print, copy, scan and fax come as standard through your device. And so they should. But in today’s versatile workspace, your business needs to do more.

Adding software solutions to the mix, adds productivity to your daily output. Software solutions:

  • Simplify and automate work
  • Effectively manage information
  • Improve document security

3. Reinventing ink technology

Rethink the way you ink with Xerox. The Solid Ink offering tones up the way you print. Xerox Solid Ink is:

  • Easy to use
  • Superior in producing colour print quality
  • Economical – saving 90% less printing waste than other printers
  • Cost-effective

4. Optimising small business

A managed print service might sound like the refuge of the masses. But this affordable solution is perfect for small businesses. In fact, managed print services offer an innovative way to boost your bottom line.

The process is simple: start with cost-saving device optimisation, then extend managed print service capabilities to:

  • Reduce the number and types of printing devices and supplies
  • Proactively identify and solve potential printing problems, replenishing supplies before employees are affected
  • Introduce ongoing process improvements to save you time and money
  • Turn slow, paper-based processes into automated, digital ones
  • Reduce your environmental footprint through printing less paper and consuming less energy
  • Give mobile workers easy and secure printing access
  • Train employees for a smooth transition through change management

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5. Take control of your print activities

Digital transformation is happening to all of us. In fact, it’s happening right now. Digital transformation sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel. Perhaps that’s why many businesses continue to sweep it under the carpet.

Digital transformation isn’t as hard to achieve as you might think. It’s all about bridging that gap between paper and pixels. Xerox smart printers understand this. They help you stand out to employees and customers by helping them to work easily with both digital and paper documents, on any device.

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