Addressing security vulnerabilities in network printing, scanning and faxing

Process software specialists, Nuance, have published a white paper exploring the security challenges and solutions associated with networked multifunction devices (MFDs).

The research, which offers up nine recommendations to tackle threats, comes against the backdrop of stats that suggest 70% of companies have experienced a data breach through printing.

Costly data breaches on the rise

Electronic and paper format data breach incidents “are a common occurrence and are on the rise”, the white paper contends. It underscores a number of headline statistics, including:

  • The Government Accountability Office released a report in April 2014 entitled ‘Information Security: Federal Agencies Need to Enhance Responses to Data Breaches’. GAO stated that the number of data breach incidents in federal agencies had doubled between 2009 and 2013, to 25,566 per year.
  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reports that more than 26 million individuals have been impacted by data breaches since 2009.

9 recommendations to a secure multifunction device environment

Addressing security vulnerabilities in network printing, scanning and faxingDespite the rise in threats, the white paper contends that the “causes of data breaches are avoidable”. As such, Nuance outlines 9 specific recommendations on how to address these threats:

  • Require user authentication for auditing purposes
  • Restrict access based on user authorisation
  • Centrally audit all network activity
  • Encrypt data to/from MFDs
  • Only release print jobs to authorised personnel
  • Implement rules-based printing
  • Enforce trusted network destinations
  • Monitor and control PII activity
  • Implement network faxing

Secure print made easy – check out the full report

Download Nuance’s full white paper

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