How to document better security with print management

Document security is cited as a top 6 challenge for business. Given that 70% of companies have experienced a data breach through printing, this perhaps shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Reality is, when print doesn’t work, neither does your office. From security issues to inefficient workflows, unmanaged printer fleets can stop your productivity faster than a paper jam.

So why are so many organisations still falling behind on print and document security? Well, when your office is already populated with devices that require a PhD to operate, adding security measures can seem like a further complication.

This needn’t be the case. At RDT, we believe that bringing security and compliance to your office printers shouldn’t be complicated. In fact, bolstering security and employing printing should go hand in hand.

How, you ask? RDT eases document security with intelligent print management software. You get the both of both worlds:

  • A simplified, more productively cost-effective print environment which is secure from threats

Securing your printer and MFP strategy

Your business is unique. That’s why we work with organisations in creating ready-to-roll print management solutions strategies specific to them. Where does this leave security?

Whilst many managed print providers don’t factor security into your strategy, RDT takes the opposite approach. This is because printers and MFPs play a major role in an organisation’s transfer of information. As such, print security should be considered central to a comprehensive IT security strategy.

Your managed print strategy will orbit four key areas:

  1. Security and authentication
  2. Hardware fleet optimisation
  3. Consumables cost reduction
  4. Network infrastructure

So, when it comes to print security and authentication, let’s take a look at a number of areas that your managed print partner RDT will help you take control of.

1.Data & document security

Managed print and document specialists RDT will optimise your workflows. From capture, processing to delivery, all aspects of your output will be secured by way of data encryption.

Software solutions such as Follow-You Printing enable you to print anywhere, anytime. Collect your documents from the device as and when you want. And do so without the risk of private information being left at a printer. This in turn reduces paper waste, resources and time from unclaimed documents and inefficient print workflows.

2. Network security

RDT harnesses technology which seamlessly integrates with your corporate network security standards which, in turn, simplifies your processes.

3. Regulatory compliance & information governance

With incidents such as the recent NHS hack imprinted on the horizon, the integration of security solutions into workflow processes is becoming all the more pressing. And, to complicate things further for your business, the General Data Protection Regulation becomes enforceable on 25th May 2018.

RDT print management solutions bring organisations in line with regulations, fostering compliance and best practices for all electronic information and paper documents.

4. User authentication

Protect sensitive documents with security tools. Jobs, for instance, can only be released while at the device. Additional layers of security can come by way of a user authentication touch screen/card reader/watermarking and digital signatures. RDT software solutions work seamlessly across all printers and MFPs, regardless of type or brand.

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Feeling insecure about print and document management?

Valuable information flows across all rungs of your organisation. The number of security breaches large and small continues to increase year over year. So keeping it safe is essential.

A comprehensive managed print solution from RDT will safeguard your systems, reduce the burden on IT, lower costs and make printing more efficient and increasing workplace productivity.

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