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What does your office have in abundance more than anything else? Paperclips (maybe). Coffee (probably). Printers (definitely). In this instance though, we’re referring to data. Like coffee, data flows through your office. Sometimes you can see it, other times you can’t.

Data cascades with physical transparency across the desks of staff. It lays unprotected in printer trays. Data also clandestinely makes its way through your computer network. Keeping it safe is therefore essential. In fact, privacy is a regulatory must. The upsides to business are vast:

  • Access data where and when you want
  • Improve internal and customer-facing communications
  • Comply with laws and protect all aspects of your business, staff and customers
  • Speed up process, improve productivity
  • Massively reduce costs

This is far from a wish list. Take your printer, copier or MFD, for instance. With capture, process and delivery workflow systems, it’s affordably achievable. Yet the list remains a luxurious ideal for many businesses who still fall victim to prying eyes and hands.

Subsequently they are vacuumed into the security black hole.

Capture – Process – Deliver: document management

Protecting data from the clutches of the wrong hands is a must, but savvy businesses are integrating security with process improvements. Like a printer and paper, the two go hand in hand.
Businesses are therefore embracing security and process improvements by way of capture, process and delivery workflow systems. How does it work, you ask? Well the broad principles are simple:

  1. Capture data such as images, emails, documents and reports from devices such as smartphones,
  2. then manipulate the data into practical portals (repositories/ locations) by which it can be streamlined to destinations to be accessed by people which in turn …
  3. … assists in their day to day activities, improving efficiency and reducing costs as part of the rationalisation process.

Applying the principles to printers and documents …

There’s a widely-held belief that workflow improvements require expensive consultants or huge investments. This is a myth. In this instance, Santa does indeed exist.

Contrary to popular belief, increasing numbers of businesses are starting to understand that workflow improvements can actually generate time and costs savings. How? Well, workflow improvements can start from everyday office devices like your printer, copier or MFD.

Embedding simple software solutions in the functionality of your copier isn’t a complex set-up, in fact it’s as easy as pie. Think about how beneficial it would be to scan:

  • Invoices straight into Sage and other preferred accounting software
  • Client information straight into CRM

The idea is to humanise your technology by imbuing it with the familiarity and ease, of say, your smartphone. From simple processes to the more complex automated workflow solutions, there’s always a way to rationalise your processes so that your people can focus on their customers rather than waste time managing internal operations.

From HR, finance, operations to sales, capturing information in your business, manipulating and then delivering it to the respective repositories doesn’t have to be complex.

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