Top 5 movies about hacking and data protection

Privacy. Hacking. Data breaches. Security threats. Welcome to 2017. The digital revolution has indeed generated a whole new raft of security challenges for organisations. Technology is evolving faster than the collective blood pressure of business owners.

Security gaps open. Businesses fall in.

Take the recent NHS hack. Protecting confidential data that flows along your business’s print, scan and copying systems has never been more important. Not only is it in the interests of your organisation to keep it safe, regulations make it a necessity.

Art, as so often is the case, imitates life. Hollywood has indeed long foreshadowed today’s data protection milieu. So it is that we take a look at the top 5 movies about privacy, security, hacking, surveillance and data protection.

5. Hackers – 1995

Before Angelina started raiding tombs, she was a Hacker. The hip hacker, upon teaming up with Jonny Lee Miller’s Dade Murphy, discovers a plot to unleash a dangerous computer virus. Like the guy who recently thwarted the NHS attack, they must use their computer skills to find the evidence while being pursued by the Secret Service and the evil computer genius behind the virus.

Top 5 movies about hacking and data protection

4. The Conversation – 1974

Gene – the HackerMan – Hackman stars in Francis Ford Coppola’s classic, The Conversation. Indeed, when it comes to privacy, the movie is a conversation starter. By today’s standards, long-range audio recording devices, bugging and wiretapping technology seem antiquated. The themes of data protection, however, perfectly capture the creepiness we feel now when it comes to invasion of privacy.

Top 5 movies about hacking and data protection - The Conversation

3. Live Free Or Die Hard

OK, so the Die Hard franchise officially died after part three. Even so, Live Free or Die Hard harnesses the power of hacking with a vengeance. The fourth installment in the Die Hard film series depicts a scenario where a hacker attacks the US infrastructure in a bid to transfer trillions of dollars from the Federal Reserve to his account.

Top 5 movies about hacking and data protection - Live free and die hard

2. The Matrix – 1999

The Red Pill, Blue Pill conundrum is a bit of a headache – so perhaps just pop a painkiller. Even so, The Matrix remains one of the greatest science fiction movies. The dystopian future, which is peppered with themes of technology, privacy and hacking, holds up a mirror to today’s society.

Top 5 movies about hacking and data protection - The Matrix

1. War Games – 1983

Matthew Broderick’s Ferris Bueller took a day off in 1983’s War Games. Rather than head down the arcade, the young high school student hacker accidentally hacks into a military supercomputer and starts the countdown to World War III.

Top 5 movies about hacking and data protection - War Games

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