Commercial print case study: Matbaa Design & Print

Commercial print case study: Matbaa Design & Print

“Customers’ ever-evolving needs mean the print-on-demand market is changing,” says Matbaa Design & Print owner, Riza Yelden. Since opening in the 1980s, Matbaa has utilised Xerox technology to stay at the forefront of the digital print offering.

Mr Yelden said his customers were now demanding shorter run lengths, higher volumes, faster turnaround, more personalisation, better quality, colour consistency and lower costs. To keep apace of the buying evolution, Matbaa engaged managed print provider RDT.

They would need to be responsive to short runs without compromising on quality and reliability. Working closely with RDT, Matbaa upgraded to the Xerox Versant 80. This ushered in an age of cross media marketing capabilities and an expanded customer service offering.

Matbaa Design & Print now:

    • Responds to customer demand for shorter runs
    • Provides personalised, tailored content
    • Delivers a complete design-to-finish service
    • Offers competitive prices along with offering consistent output via the Versant’s SIQA settings

Commercial print case study:

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