Don’t answer! Horror’s most terrifying phone systems!

Phone systems can be a nightmare for business. They go down at the worst possible times.
Art, of course, often imitates life. So it is that phones find themselves lurking in the shadows of many classic horror movies.

Communicating with a soon-to-be-victim is imperative in pushing forward the plot. Our heroine stands in terror as the phone rings, trembling hands indecisively preparing to pick it up from the receiver.

Then comes the voice … “I see you …”

Here’s 5 movies that make the horrors of ISDN business lines seem pretty trivial.

1.Nightmare On Elm Street

Some phone nightmares are hard to forget. Just ask Nancy. Freddy is quite the tease. The iconic image of his tongue protruding from the phone has caused more restless nights than residents who live next to Heathrow Airport.

Don’t answer! Horror’s most terrifying phone systems!

2. Scream

When a phone caller asks for your name because they want to know who they are looking at, it’s ok if you Scream. Just ask Drew Barrymore. Next time Drew, don’t answer.


3. The Ring

The Ring will only compound your distrust of technology. Urban legend has it that once you’ve watched the cursed videotape, the phone will ring. After that, you have 7 days before you’re brutally murdered by a creepy waterlogged girl.


4. Halloween

Whilst business phone problems happen everyday, luckily Halloween happens only once a year. But, when it does, make sure you don’t used an old-school corded phone. Lynda found out the hard way. She choked on the phone during a fatal chat with Laurie.

Don’t answer! Horror’s most terrifying phone systems!

What are your favourite films where the protagonist would have been better off not answering?