The managed services project management team

Change is good. Particularly when it’s managed. At a management level, you might have decided upon making the move to business process, print and document management. Even so, you’ll rightly have concerns about the change.

  • How will it affect my business continuity?
  • Will staff struggle with the new systems?

Your new print and document management systems are intended to optimise your business. And, with RDT, we always mean to start as we go on. That means downtime will be kept to a minimum. The change won’t disrupt core business activities. It won’t unsettle staff. Benefits will be felt from day one.

How? We have our own in-house project management department. The team of project management experts are dedicated to helping your organisation:

Transition from an unstructured state of multiple suppliers, mixed brands and models to an integrated unified infrastructure that delivers reduced costs with improved control and efficiency

This is how we’ll make the transition to managed services seamless. This is how we’ll increase buy-in at a staff level. Time, cost and productivity efficiencies will result.

About the project management team

The project management team works with businesses and organisations in all major service verticals. These are small, medium and large in composition. In fact, the project management team is renowned for overseeing major UK and international roll-outs.

RDT will work with you. Every step of the way we’ll be there to ensure:

  • Your internal team fully understands and embraces the process changes

Engaging, informative user-centric training and interactive support will smooth the transition to your managed services. When actioned, your business will reap a huge number of benefits. And, alongside ushering you from an uncontrolled to optimal position, the team will always seek out continual process improvements to drive further efficiencies.

Make contact

Your dedicated project management team will work with you to achieve and exceed your SLAs.

For more information, email or call 0344 264 0791.