Where does data security rank on your business agenda?

Feeling insecure about your print infrastructure? Well, when it comes to print security, print infrastructure is often overlooked by IT professionals. As such, network devices are used without proper safeguards in place.

So what are the risks of an unsecured print infrastructure?

Akin to the ever-growing pile of documents in your printer tray, the risks are huge. MFDs, printers and copier stations are, after all, easy places to find all sorts of confidential data sitting around.

If you think about the possible data access points on a printing device, it’s no surprise that we hear huge stories in the press about important documents being found on public transport, for example. There are 3 key areas that we need to protect when it comes to printing:

1. Paper output trays

Documents are printed, and never collected. A familiar scenario across millions of businesses across the world. The most common vulnerability point without doubt.

2. Hard disk data

Printing devices are capable of storing data. When these devices leave at the end of a lease, it could leave with a lot of data. It’s surprising still how few businesses even discuss this during a fleet swap unless we raise the matter.

3. Print network

Intercepting print jobs as they travel across your company network or more frequently, through cloud based printing. Encryption here is essential too.

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