How much does printing really cost my business?

We all know how expensive kids are. They eat all the food. They require constant maintenance. Often, they’ll break down and cry. Oh, and by kids, we mean printers.

Trying to get an accurate picture of how much your company spends on print each year can make you feel like you’re searching for Pokemon. Just when you think you’ve rounded them all up, another one comes crawling out.

Print and document costs can eat away 3-12% of your annual turnover. Even so, the majority of businesses don’t understand the true costs. But when you do, that’s the first step towards managing your printer fleet and slashing costs.

Hard costs vs hidden costs

Your company’s print and document costs can be broken down into hard print costs and hidden print costs. Let’s face it, when it comes to hard costs, you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to detect that toner, paper, maintenance and workflows are some of the key culprits.

In an unmanaged print environment, hard costs can quickly escalate, nibbling away at your all-important bottom line. Let’s take a hard look.

How much does printing really cost my business?

Find out more about management print

Managing your printer fleet reduces energy and toner consumption and paper consumption as we’ll set up your printers to be as efficient as possible. In fact, with the help of a managed print provider you can reduce yearly costs by up to 50%.

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