Where does data security rank on your business agenda?

In the digital age, business has never been busier. Digital transformation has only added to the workload; texts, emails and document-sharing a part of the everyday mix.

With technology moving at such a quick pace, breaches in confidentiality are becoming more commonplace.
According to a Ponemon Institute report in August 2016, 76% of IT practitioners say their organisation has experienced the loss or theft of company data over the past two years.

In light of the increased risk, minimising the risk of a data breach has soared up the agenda of most businesses. Research carried out by RDT in November 2016 does indeed show that the eyes of most CEOs, MDs, owners and business stakeholders are glued to security from a confidentiality perspective.

The RDT survey of a cross-section of 100 UK businesses found:

  • Data security steps taken often depend on the size of the business
  • SMEs tend to keep the investment costs down by implementing more process and password based security tactics
  • Large/enterprise organisations typically make major investments in security

Reality is, data breaches can cause catastrophic consequences for businesses small and large. That’s why RDT has produced this FREE guide to enhancing device security and processes. It’s visual. Easy to use. And delivers results.

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