Why businesses are hanging up on ISDN

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, ISDN reigned free. It was the go-to telecoms choice for professional services.

ISDN dialled its way into existence at the dawn of the internet. Like a mobile flip phone shop, ISDN was at the cutting-edge.

Flash forward 30 decades and things have changed in the business world:

  • Remote and flexible working are the norm
  • Employees use mobile and fixed line telephony
  • IP-based services are commonly used

Like the weather, things change. ISDN is now a relic of the past, a communications dinosaur that made its final call. So where does that leave the businesses of today?

Take a SIP trunking

As Dylan professed, the times are a changin. That’s why increasing numbers of businesses are making the move from ISDN to SIP trunking.

Like trading in a car that is no longer fit for purpose for an upgrade, SIP trunking drives business forward. Here’s 6 reasons why your business should no longer rely on ISDN:

  1. ISDN lacks the agility needed to meet the needs of today’s fast-moving consumers
  2. The management of multiple offices can be time consuming, costly and maintaining consistency of service across offices is often difficult
  3. Scalability is slow and often expensive
  4. ISDN-based telephony systems often require substantial capex investment
  5. Disaster Recovery is slow
  6. It can’t be combined with modern technologies like Ethernet to enhance voice services

Why businesses are hanging up on ISDN

Ready to ring up better business?

Technologies like SIP trunking offer a more flexible, cost-effective telecoms solution for your organisation to help you achieve your business goals. That is why it’s time to add ISDN replacement to your business agenda.

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