4 movie characters who should have process outsourced

Like a movie hero, business process outsourcing can literally save your life. This is particularly so for the time-poor business person. In times of trouble the business process outsourcing protagonist gallops in on a steely white horse to save the day.

Indeed, in the movies, art often imitates business life. So it is that many onscreen characters could have foiled their fates by outsourcing key tasks. Of course, in the movies “sometimes you’ve gotta do the job yourself”.

But it’s this mentality that leads to their eventual downfall. Here’s 4 onscreen characters that would have benefited from outsourcing processes.

1.Darth Vader

With a legion of Stormtroopers and bounty hunters such as Boba Fett at his disposal, it’s surprising that Darth Vader chose to engage Luke Skywalker in mortal combat. Lord Vader would have been better off outsourcing the task to one of his many henchmen. With Skywalker out of the picture, the Empire could have reigned free. What about Vader, you ask? It must be pretty hot on a beach in that outfit.

4 movie characters who should have process outsourced

2. James Bond

The name’s Bond, James Bond … so says 007 upon engaging many leading ladies during the franchise. Rather than partaking in such frivolous activities, Bond could have outsourced his conquests. This would have freed up his time to focus on protecting Her Majesty instead of being left shaken and stirred.

4 movie characters who should have process outsourced

3. Harry Potter

Harry Potter doesn’t have a GCSE to his name. Why is that, you ask? Because Harry spent all of his time focusing on magic. Now, had young Potter outsourced to David Copperfield, today he wouldn’t be working in McDonald’s. Rumour does, however, suggest that Potter flips one mean burger.

4 movie characters who should have process outsourced

4. Norman Bates

Psycho’s Norman Bates was a busy boy. From maintenance, customer service, accounting to cleaning, Norman ran all aspects of the Bates Motel. It’s clear that fatigue had set in. Whilst we’re not psychologists, this could well have been the trigger for Norman’s nocturnal activities. Had Norman outsourced many of his tasks, he could be chilling instead of killing in the shower.

4 movie characters who should have process outsourced

What movie bosses can you think of who should have outsourced?