5 things to outsource to a virtual assistant

Terminator. Johnny 5. Robocop. You’d be forgiven for mistaking a virtual assistant for something out of a science fiction movie. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, a virtual assistant is actually a great way to terminate time-consuming tasks.

In the world of business process outsourcing, a dedicated employee works for you. They are tasked with managing specific processes. They do so remotely. They work from a location outside of your office. They fill skill gaps in your business at a fraction of the cost of adding permanent members of staff to your team.

So what type of tasks can you outsource? The answer is pretty much anything. Whatever it is, your virtual assistant will be highly skilled in meeting your challenges. They work on-demand and are available around the clock.

Virtual assistants can take control of highly complex and business-critical tasks. But did you know they can also take the burden away when it comes to more menial tasks?

Here’s 5 tasks you can outsource that you probably didn’t know about.

1. Bookkeeping and accounting

Keeping tabs on bills and other bookkeeping matters can be a real drain on time. It’s also one of the easiest and most cost-effective things to outsource to a virtual assistant. In fact, increasing numbers of businesses are now using virtual assistants to manage their books and follow up on tasks such as outstanding invoices.

2. Research and data gathering

Knowledge is power when it comes to business. Research is therefore key. Rather than carrying out time-consuming data gathering, pin the task to your virtual assistant. Need information ahead of a meeting? Data about products? Potential employees or business contracts? Your virtual assistant will be there to help.

3. Database entries

Data entry – two words that leave many business owners quaking in their boots. Perhaps you’ve got a pocketful of business cards from an event or need to update your contact database. Just let your virtual assistant know.

4. Travel research

How much time did you invest last year on finding hotels, booking transport, planning logistics and itineraries? Probably a fair bit. Virtual assistants present a great resource when it comes to travel research. All you need to do is turn up, travel, then do what you do best.

5. Data presentations

There’s not enough minutes in the day as it is. Throw a data presentation into the mix and you can say goodbye to sleep for a few days. Virtual assistants specialise in data presentations and, in turn, helping you get shut-eye.

More businesses are outsourcing in order to transform their raw data into clear, eye-catching PowerPoint presentations.

Virtually the best assistants ever

With the right business process outsource provider, your virtual assistant – or assistants – will be primed to work in your specific sector.

Better still, they come complete with office space, desks, equipment, computing and the infrastructure – whatever your virtual assistant needs to manage your processes. This generates additional cost and time savings.

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