In the education sector, security has never been more important. That’s why institutions like yours are implementing systems which enable them to validate and identify what visitors, students and staff are on site.

This requires an allocation of budget. Against this backdrop, education facilities are facing the biggest shake-up of school funding in England for decades.

Economists and educators alike fear that the Government’s blueprint for addressing regional budget differences will further widen the overall funding gap.

So how can you secure your education facility and budget alike?

RDT InVentry education sign-in solutions

InVentry is the most trusted site access and visitor management system available. It is designed specifically for educational organisations. The system enables you to:

  • Accurately monitor who is in your school at any one time
  • Securely encrypt all information to a central database
  • Speeds up the sign-in process

As a leading provider to the education sector, we understand the importance you place on security and, likewise, budget. That’s why we’ve put together two simple-to-follow primary and secondary school guides to inform you as to how you can protect your organisation.

Primary school guide

Download primary school brochure

Secondary school guide

Download secondary school brochure

Graduate your education facility to A-grade security status

Let’s talk today about securing your site and bringing it in line with the rigours of local and national authorities. And tomorrow you can rest secure in the knowledge that your site, staff, students and visitors are kept safe.

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