5 tips to get more from your printer

Print. Copy. Scan. When these three amigos were rounded up into one multifunction device, things would never be the same again. Convenience incarnate resided at the trigger fingers of office workers.

Flash forward to 2017 where multifunction devices are the norm. Did you know though, that your device can do more than print, scan and copy? With the right applications, these three amigos can become more advanced than a WestWorld cowboy robot.

Finding new ways of using your printer, means finding new ways of improving productivity. As such, we’ve put together 5 quick tips to help your business get more by getting more from your devices.

1. Print from your phone and tablet

The need to print can arise at the most unexpected of times. At home. On the road. At the pub. Contrary to popular belief, no longer do you have to head back to the office to print a document. Rather than printing from the desktop, staff can slip phones and tablets from their holsters.

The right technology means they can scan, print and save documents where and when they need from mobile devices.

2. Scan to email

From your device, you can print or scan a hard copy directly to somebody’s email address or folder. Scan to your cloud based email account. This simplifies the connection process with cloud email services such as Gmail.

3. Translation service

An iron irons. A runner runs. And, likewise, multifunction devices are multifunctional. Printing, copying and scanning are key. But what about document translation?

With the right software you can scan a document and translate it into over 35 different languages. The translation accuracy is parallel to the accuracy of a champion Scrabble player.

4. Scan to multiple locations

The right apps allow you to easily connect your mobile workers to your printer device. Download new apps to print from or scan to services, such as DropBox, Google Drive, and Microsoft® Office 365.

5. Secure printing

Valuable information flows across all rungs of your organisation. Keeping it safe is therefore essential. Even so, figures suggest that 90% of businesses have incurred security breaches due to unsecured printing. In many cases, this was because sensitive documents had been left for prying eyes to see in a printer tray.

Security concerns aside, this is also wasteful. Pull printing (or print-on-demand) brings next level control to multifunction printers. It ensures the device only releases the document when the individual who sent the job to print is there to validate it with a PIN code or card swipe.

Want to know how to achieve these tips?

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